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Analysis for chemical, physio-chemical, microbiological testing according to customer’s requirements in following fields: seafood, agricultural products, processing products, cosmetics, medicines, industrial products, natural resources, environment, input raw and working material of manufacturing process….

Food (Seafood, milk, nutritional food, pocessed food, vegetables, cereal, confectionery, instand nooddles, soft drinks,…):

  • Macronutrients: protid, lipid, carbohydrate, aminoacid, cellulose…
  • Micronutrients: vitamin, trace elements
  • Food Additives: Preservatives, color, tasting and flavoring substance, flavoring, the sweetener; additives enhancing digestion, absorption such as soluble fiber, enzymes, DHA, EPA…
  • Residues of antibiotics and other chemicals: Chloramphenicol, other derivatives such as Nitrofurans, Malachites, Fluoroquinolones groups, Sulfonamides groups, Tetracyclines groups,…in food and seafood…
  • Pesticide Residues under Chlor, Phospho, Cuc, Carbamate group ; residues of fungicides, herbicides.
  • Residues of heavy metal: As, Pb, Hg,…
  • Residues of animal growth hormones (Clenbuterol, Salbutamol, DES…).  Residues of plant growth hormones (Gibberellic acid, α-NAA, β-NOA,…)
  • PCB, PAH, Dioxin, Furan, Melamin, DEHP…
  • Marine Biological Toxins: DSP, PSP, ASP and other toxins: Mycotoxin (Aflatoxin, Ochartoxin A, DON, Zearelanon,…) in cereal and milk; 3-MCPD and in soy sauce; Histamin in fishes sauce,…
  • Testing the quality of food as regulated by Ministry of Health 

Industrial products (Plastic, paint, gasoline, industrial chemicals, toys, handicrafts, ceramics,…):

  • Raw materials, semi-finished products, merchandise, imported-exported goods.
  • Industrial chemicals, petroleum, plastics, paints, adhesives, industrial additives…
  • Cosmetics, aromatherapy and essential oils.
  • Children's Toys.
  • Testing the quality of products in accordance with regulations by relevant ministries.


  • Quality control of raw materials and finished forage.
  • Analysis of the composition of animal feed such as protein, fat, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, energy value, digestibility, ...
  • Analysis of trace elements and heavy metals.
  • Analysis of antioxidant (BHT, Ethoxyquin,…)
  • Testing antibiotics and chemicals, being prohibited or limited for use in animal feed such as  Chloramphenicol, Tylosin, Malachite green, Lincomycin, Tetracycline as prerscribed by management agencies.
  • Analysis of fungal toxin (Aflatoxin, Zearealenon,…)


  • Implementing the qualitative and quantitative measurement for targets of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products according to the requirements of the pharmacopoeia inVietnam and international pharmacopoeia (BP, USP, EP, JP,…).
  • Analysis of pharmaceutical targets according to the procedures of customer  .

Environment (soil, water, air,…):

  • Implement monitoring and analysis of environmental indicators of water (surface water, groundwater, wastewater...), environment in air, soil, solid waste, ecology and noise;
  • Analysis and evaluation of water-quality wastewater, soil, mud, solid waste according to TCVN 5945:2005 ; TCVN 5502:2003 , 6772-2000 ; QD-BYT: 1329/ 2002… in many different ways according to the customer's requirements (DIN , ISO , EPA , TCVN, ASTM , SM…), including indicators such as: BOD5, COD, TOC, As, Hg, Cd, pesticide residues, PAH, PCB, dioxin
  • Analysis and assessment of air quality, emissions, air pollution in accordance with TCVN 5937:2005 ; TCVN 5938:2005 ; TCVN 5939:2005 ; TCVN 5940:2005.
  • Participating and coordinating in the implementation of the subject project on the environment;

Resources :

  • Analysis of metal elements in the alloy, coal, minerals, land and industrial products in accordance wih the standards AOAC, ISO, DIN,… and other standards meeting to customer’s requirements..


  • Analysis of the pathogenic microbiological target in food, aquatic products, aquatic products, agricultural products, feed, , drinking water, , waste water, the product cosmetics…. to assess the status of sanitation, pollution, poisoning due to bacteria such as:  total number of microorganisms, Coliform, fecal coliform, E.Coli, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus, …
  • Analysis of microbiological indicators of probiotics such as: Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus.
  • Analysis of genetically modified process (GMO) in food, DNA test for animals (chickens, cows, goats, sheep, ...) in various matrices ( food, feed,…) by method Realtime PCR.

Identifying :

This is the highlight of CASE in helping businesses to optimize production formulas, raw materials substitution research, ... to improve product quality, reduce production costs. Thanks to identifying analysis, CASE can also help businesses find and fix problems occuring during the manufacturing process.

For disease samples, CASE can provide accurate answers about the toxic substances in the blood, stomach contents, urine, ... help hospitals can find the reasons causing the toxicity to the patient.

In addition, CASE is one of the few units in Vietnam can analyze Dioxin in different foundational samples (food, environment, ...) on the analyzer with its high accuracy and optimal resolution.

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