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From 1990 to present, through joint training programs, CASE has received the annual college students, university or postgraduate for doing the essay, thesis or graduate thesis or analysis sample of students.

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CASE contributes with providing training programs for Univrsities, Institute PhD, MSc and graduates of universities and colleges.

Besides that, CASE also trained in analytical techniques for laboratory and training analyst for laboratories of enterprises in the whole country.Thank to the system of modern equipment and expert teams owning many years of experience in the food sector, fisheries, environment, animal feed ….; regularly updating testing methods and new applications in these fields, CASE expand specialized training services to help businesses improve their capacity in controling quality of goods and manually set laboratory systems according to standards of VILAS,  ISO.
During the training program, students study theory and practice directly on the device in the laboratory under the guidance of experts in the fields, have chances in accessing to the latest methods and equipment. As a result, students will reinforce knowledge and practical skills. After completing this course, students will receive certification CASE.

The training content and course duration may vary, depending on the flexibility of your needs. In addition, organizations / enterprises signing up for training will get 2-3 students tuition incentives: decreasing 5% for the 2nd student and 10% for  the 3rd student.

For registering please fill information in the attached registration form and send via fax, email or sent directly to CASE Mail.

The training program at the request of the customer

In addition to courses in an intensive training program, CASE courses are designed according to specific requirements of organizations / enterprises and educational needs of the students.
Training services

  • In conjunction with universities and research institutes in the University level teaching and postgraduate.
  • Guiding doing University thesis, master's thesis, PhD.
  • Receive training for college students, high school, and foreign PhD
  • Training testors for enterpises, improving skills of analysis staff.
  • Training intensive analysising technique on the equipment of the laboratory or of CASE.
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