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Department of Technology

Supply repair and maintenance services on variety of analytical instruments in bio-chemistry such as: Gas Chromatography (GC), High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), LC/MSn, Color measuring equipment, AAS, ICP, and equipments measuring of classic element such as : C,H,N,S , lipid extractor.

  1. Organization

Department of technology was set up resembling French laboratory model.

Numbers of staff: 10 (06 engineers, 01 college graduate, 03 others)

Including 4 groups: Electronics-Computer, Refrigeration Electricity, Mechanics, and Glasswork.

Email: tmtiencase@yahoo.com

Deputy Manager: Eng. TRAN THIEN NHON

  1. Function & mission

Manage the intra-net, website and internet system of CASE.

The electronic engineers have professional skill and experience, good training in Vietnam and overseas in well-known companies such as: Thermo, Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, and Perkin Elmer. Supply services in installation, repair, and maintenance on variety of analyzing instruments: ICP, AAS, LC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS…Moreover we supervise, install, and keep maintenance of equipments in private and government companies.

Process and repair glass apparatus: measuring pot, balloon, and glass device with complicated shapes using for extraction.

Process complicated details in analysis instrument for a quick instrument repairing

Take care of power electric system, air condition, lighting, HOT cabin, simply analysis instruments in the centre.

  • 02 Nguyen Van Thu Street, Da Kao Ward, Distrist 1 Ho Chi Minh City
  • Tel : 0283-829-5087 - Fax : 0283-911-5119
  • Email : casehcm@case.vn
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